Deem Car Services

A ground transportation provider that applies policy, rate preferences, and preferred providers through a single booking application.

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Product Design

Mobile First

Leading the lean UX process with engineering and product management teams, we defined the minimum viable product experience. Creating user flows, leveraging existing travel search and purchase patterns we quickly built a prototype for market testing.

Prototypes were tested at the Global Business Travel Association Convention. The business travel community feedback was crucial in defining the the first iteration of the product.

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Searching for an Address

The car services search experience would react depending on how frequently employees were active on the service. The search experience was aware of a travelers history, favorites address, home and work locations.

See behaviors document (pdf)

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Platform Integration

Connecting a New Service to the Deem Platform

This was the first new service since the Deem platform began it'sw unification process. Before launching the Car Services application we had to identify, define and set standards on how new services should be integrated within the Deem platform.

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The Desktop Experience

Exposing all the car services touch points within the platform turned out to be more work than the actual service. These experiences include shopping opportunities, transaction and expense reporting, profile and permissions settings, email and notification systems, admin travel policy and console configurations.

See travel integration document (pdf)