Security & Privacy


A cloud-based safety application enabling parents to protect the reputation, privacy and safety of their children online.


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Acquired by Experian on May, 2011


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Now Parents Can Hire a Hall Monitor for the Web
by Brad Stone

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Search Now

Primary objective for the marketing page is encourage parents to provide their child's email address and initiate a search report. Secondary objective was to build trust via reputation based marketing narratives for customer consumption. Tertiary goal was to make it easy for returning customers to locate the Log in button.

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Product Design

Search Reports and Dashboards

The product served as an aggregative metric tool that allowed parents to monitor their children's online interaction and behaviors.

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Initial Setup and Configuration

Setup required extensive data entry by parents. To reduce the laborious configuration we provided dismissible onboarding wizards to ease into the task. We prompted parents over time to complete the configuration.

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Created widgets, buttons and UI elements to allow navigation, editing, tagging, configuration and content monitoring.

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UX Design

Product Interactions and Behaviors

Collaborated with marketing, product and engineering teams to capture proposed features, concepts and solutions. These details, interactions and behaviors would be documented, evaluated, prioritized and ultimately tested by stakeholders and our customers.

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Safety Tools

Most of the popular social networks had little to no policies in place when dealing with cyberbullying, child abuse, exploitation and hijacked accounts. To help, we designed online tools that allowed parents and friends to be proactive with these issues. Interacting with the safety tools also delivered awareness of the SafetyWeb applications and help services.