Deem Offers

A partner branded, commerce portal to build customer loyalty by featuring offers and deals that tailor highly desirable, exclusive discounts to customers.

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Product Acquisition

Deem Acquires HomeRun

HomeRun is a social buying club delivering offers from local businesses, membership rewards and incentives.

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Product Design

Getting Lean on Features

By minimizing social features, ornamentation and excessive aesthetics, the application was repurposed as a partner branded application while leveraging the deem network of customers and merchants.

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Offer Details

Testing revealed that customers were most interested in the economics of the offer over the highlighted details of the experience. Collaborated with content strategist on narrative best practices and search engine optimization.

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Purchase Flow

In allowing customers to navigate directly to transaction pages without authentication, we had to design the checkout process as streamlined as possible. New customers would have to pass through an account creation process before finishing the transaction.

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Fully Responsive

The offers application was designed to be flexible, fitting seamlessly into any partners ecosystem of products. Depending on the brand, this flexibility allowed the product to reside as fixed or responsive layout.

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Simple Styling

By focusing on the basics: logo, font, colors, buttons and navigation, a fair amount of a partners brand could be imbued into the application.

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Brand Adoption

Once the aesthetics were applied, it made the offers product look and feel like a partner's native application.

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API Documentation

Researched API documentation best practices to understand the mental model and common patterns. Collaborated with with engineering teams on the information architecture, designed the navigation system and page layout.