Social Media

Flock Web Browser

A web browser that aggregated social networks, media, webmail and related tools within the browser interface.


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Acquired by Zynga on January 5, 2011


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2008 Webby Award for Social Networking

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Download Now

Primary objective of the Flock website is to persuade people to download the browser. Secondary objective was to provide insight on the product experience and the value of the browser as a social media tool. This was accomplished through product tours and screencasts. Tertiary objective was community involvement and discussion via forums.

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Product Tour

Design and implemented numerous homepage refactors and product tour campaigns. Relied on A+B and qualitative testing methods to determine which campaigns resulted in the highest download conversion.

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Installation, Updates and Getting Started

Once Flock was downloaded, new users were guided through an installation process, social network activation, webmail and blog publishing configuration.

Created strategies to welcome, promote and explore new features. A+B tested what methods were successful for optimal activation.

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User Experience Design

Innovation, Product Interactions and Behaviors

Defined features, new concepts, interactions and task flows. Created diagrams, demonstrated new experiences to stake holders and built prototypes to validate the idea. Created design-to-development documentation for engineering teams.

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Interface Design

Discoverability and Service Integration

The UI strategy was simple. Integrate social network content, features and tools directly to the browser interface.

Identified the primary featured integration points, collaborated with engineering on assessing the potentiality of the services and designed the interactions, layout, and UI of the integrated experience.

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Branded Web Browsers

As a distribution strategy, Flock formed partnerships with prominent social networks and media services. The browser was branded, pre-populated with partner content, articles, bookmarks and offers.

Led the product UI design, web development, and promotion strategies for all partner marketing pages.

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Hand coded HTML and CSS development for marketing, A+B testing campaigns, customer onboarding, release notes, developers knowledge base and product prototypes.